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Inkomoko Entrepreneur Development Private

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Agace / akarere: Kigali
Igiciro: FRw -- Kiraciririkanwa

Inkomoko’s core beliefs and values enable us to achieve our vision and mission. As a member of the African Entrepreneur Collective network, we share these values in all the work that we do. From making hard decisions to conducting interviews with potential staff, we use the core values of the company to stay faithful to our mission:

  • Purpose: We are solutions-oriented and produce high quality work. We seek to be a global leader in job creation in Africa.
  • Achievement: We push ourself to reach beyond what we think is possible. Nothing is done until it's done.
  • Improvement: We are humble and committed to continuous learning and growing. We improve through giving and receiving open and accurate feedback -- from each other, from our partners, from our community, and most importantly, from our entrepreneurs.
  • Bravery: We are willing to take risks and create a safe space for others to take risks. We are compassionate and inclusive, because the Brave Rise Together.
  • Turikumwe (We are together): We take time to appreciate our community and clients. We come together to celebrate success and hold each other up in hard times. We eat goat.